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Project Opawica


The Graniz’s Opawica property is located in Gand Township, in north western Quebec. The property is 100% owned by Graniz and consists of eight staked claims, covering an area of 125.7 hectares. The property is not subject to any royalty or third party interests and is accessible via the 113 provincial road situated near the Shortt Lake Mine.

The first works recorded on the Opawica property date back from 1946, with geological mapping, prospecting and several drill holes; however, the main part of the exploration in the area were done by major mining companies with geophysical surveys and diamond drilling. Several gold intersections in the order of 10 grams per tonne (“g/t”) over 1.3 to 2.45 metres were obtained by Metall Mining, in the north and south part of the Opawica property. From 2001 until recently, SOQUEM Inc. and Graniz were partners owning each a 50% interest in the property. SOQUEM Inc. managed the exploration works which consisted of line cutting, Mag and I.P surveys over the whole property and then two drill holes. These works helped to understand the geological context of the property, but failed to return any significant gold values. SOQUEM Inc. withdrew from the project and assigned its 50% interest in the Opawica property to the Corporation.

The geology of the property is made of the western part of the Caopatina-Desmaraisville volcano-sedimentary belt, to the north west of the Opawica anorthositic complex. The Obatogamau formation, located in the north part of the property, is made of mafic lavas. In the central part and south part, lava flows and pyroclastic rocks varying in composition from intermediate to felsic, and sediments of the Dalime Creek formation are presents. This last formation hosts the Mariposite deposit located less than three kilometres to the east of the property. The now abandoned Shortt Lake mine is located about two kilometres northwest of the Opawica property.

Geologically speaking, two formations occurring on the Opawica property, have been recognized for their gold porphyry deposit potential. The first one is represented by the mafic flows, which occurs in the north and south part of the property, and where gold values, as previously cited, in the order of 10 g/t Au over 1.3 to 2.45 metres have been obtained. The second one, the Dalime Creek formation, made of sedimentary and pyroclastic rocks and has been checked only by trenching and one hole oriented perpendicular to the survey lines. In this Dalime Creek formation, the author, during the site visit, has seen some spectacular felsic agglomerate, containing felsic bombs up to 30 cm in size, and almost underformed pyrite fragments up to 5 cm in size. The gold values obtained in the south part of the property are associated to quartz-carbonates-sulphides veins, which are often the only markers for the gold porphyry mineralization systems, in the Shortt Lake area.

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