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Mousseau West Property


The Mousseau West property consists of seventeen (17) claims totalling 788.6 ha. It is located in NTS sheet 31J/10 and 31J/11, straddling the boundary between the Brunet and Mousseau Townships some 12 kilometres north of the town of Ste-Véronique, in the Mont-Laurier area of Québec. The claims are registered in the name of Richard-Marc Lacasse and do not required works until March 2013. The property is readily accessible by good logging roads and was visited by one of the authors of the Technical Report NI 43 101 on March 7 and 8, 2012. A new report has been produced in September 24th, 2013 Technical Report NI 43 101.

The original graphite discovery on the property dates back to 1980-83 during road building alongside Oat Lake. In 1984, the first exploration work was initiated on a four-claim block owned by two prospectors, covering part of the Mousseau West property. At that time, geological and EM surveys followed by Winkie drilling confirmed the extension of the graphite showing. Grab samples revealed up to 22% graphitic carbon. The property was registered under the name of Harkema Industries Ltd.

In 1989, Graphicor bought the original four claims from Harkema Industries and staked 44 new claims. At that time, the entire Mousseau property totalled 768 ha. An exploration program including line cutting, geology and MaxMin and Mise-à-la-masse surveys, followed by stripping, sampling and diamond drilling was initiated in 1989. During 1989-90, 127 holes were drilled on Mousseau East and West. Holes depth generally ranged from 50 to 80 metres. This work resulted in the delineation of both the Mousseau East and the Mousseau West deposits. On Mousseau West, 55 holes totalling 4,064 metres were drilled.

Following the 1989-90 drilling program, two bulk samples, one of 15 tonnes on Mousseau East and one of 12 tonnes on Mousseau West, were taken and sent to the Centre de Recherche Minérales (CRM) for recovery and metallurgical testing. Graphicor also applied for a certificate of authorization in 1990 to carry out development work on Mousseau East, which consisted mainly of a 50,000-tonne bulk sample. At the end of 1993, as the price of graphite became increasingly depressed, Graphicor decided to stop the project. On October 29, 1993, Indresco Canada Inc. bought all the issued and outstanding shares of Graphicor and the company was dissolved. On December 7, 1993, all the Graphicor mining properties were transferred to Indresco. Indresco later decided to keep the property on standby, and it was eventually abandoned.

The property was later stake by Falconbridge Ltd. (1999), Ressources Aurter Inc. (2003) and the Kaminak Gold Corporation/Breakwater Resources Ltd joint venture (2008). Falconbridge and Kaminak/Breakwater were looking for copper-nickel mineralization on much larger properties so no work was done on the graphite occurrences. In the case of Aurter, the acquisition was a bid to promote and sell the property, and only a field reconnaissance was done on the property. No other work is reported till the property was acquired by R.-M. Lacasse in 2011.

The Mont-Laurier area is located within a multi-kilometre-wide Grenvillian metasedimentary belt that extends along a general northeast trend from southwestern Quebec to the Abitibi region. The belt is composed of a variety of metasediments, such as biotite, garnet, sillimanite and pyroxene paragneisses, along with more siliceous horizons, such as quartzo-feldspathic gneisses and quartzites. Interbedded within these metasedimentary horizons are numerous highly-deformed marble horizons, along with calco-silicated transition zones between the marbles and the clastic units. Three main folding events are recognized. These orogenic events created complex multiphase folding and boudinage of the units, particularly the ductile marbles. Graphite is frequently associated with metasedimentary units such as biotite gneisses, calco-silicated horizons and calcitic marbles. It occurs as disseminated flakes of various sizes with typical concentrations in the range of 2-15% Gp.

Drilling completed from 1989 to 1992 by Graphicor indicates that the biotite quartzo-feldspathic paragneisses constitutes the dominant unit of the property. The graphitic horizon is a marble unit interbedded within this clastic biotite paragneiss sequence. On both sides of the graphitic marble, there is a transition zone described in the logs as either quartzite or calc-silicate rock and also containing graphite flakes.

This type of mineralization is similar to the Timcal Lac-des-Iles graphite deposit currently in production south of Mont-Laurier, and should contain a significant proportion of large flakes. The schistosity strikes ESE-WNW and dips 40° to the south. The part of the graphitic horizon called Mousseau West is 250 metres long and lies at the western end of a two-kilometre long EM conductor. Graphicor reported historical resources of 597,980 tonnes grading 7.16% Gp to a depth of 40 metres. Interpretation of the available drill logs by suggests a mineralized horizon of graphitic marbles occurring as a fold dipping approximately 45° south and striking east-west. This model generates tonnages for surface to a depth of 40 metres of the same order of magnitude as those estimated by Graphicor, but most importantly, indicates the potential of an additional 2.1 million tonnes of graphitic marbles between 40 and 100 metres.

The available data shows that the Mousseau West deposit presents characteristics similar to other marble-bearing graphite deposits in the province of Quebec, particularly the Carmin, Asbury and Lac-des-Iles (TIMCAL) deposits. The TIMCAL deposit is the last operating graphite mine in Canada.

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