Graniz Mondal is doing exploration on three properties in Quebec Graniz is exploring the Quebec Bedrock for Graphite, the New Black Gold! Drilling in action Partial Results from the New 2013 Drilling Campaign

The Graphite Market

The following reports or articles review the fundamentals behind graphite supply and demand, the types of graphite deposits, the metallurgy and the uses. Interesting data concerning global reserves, production and future trends will be enlightening to the reader.

GRAPHITE – Black Gold of the 21st Century

Understanding the Worldwide Graphite market

The Driving Force Behind Green Technology

Toward Industrial production of Graphene from Graphite

This article in french explains that reseach centers in France and Poland are producing graphene from graphite

Le graphène? En bonne voie pour une production industrielle (PDF)

Europe Bets €1 Billion on Graphene - Bloomberg

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