Graniz Mondal is doing exploration on three properties in Quebec Graniz is exploring the Quebec Bedrock for Graphite, the New Black Gold! Drilling in action Partial Results from the New 2013 Drilling Campaign

Vision, Mission & Values

Graniz Mondal’s Brunet graphite deposit will become a North American Leader in large flake graphite and will answer the eventual needs of the graphene market.


  • To confirm and expand the historical reserves of the Brunet large flake graphite deposit;
  • To explore for additional graphite resources on the Mousseau West Property ;
  • To generate the highest possible value to all shareholders.


The Company has the following values as a guide :
  • Mining exploration with the latest technology;
  • Respect of the ecosystem
  • Answers to the needs of the future
  • Unified Teamwork.
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