Graniz Mondal is doing exploration on three properties in Quebec Graniz is exploring the Quebec Bedrock for Graphite, the New Black Gold! Drilling in action Partial Results from the New 2013 Drilling Campaign

A look at the evolution of Graniz Mondal

In 2003, Graniz Mondal acquires from SOQUEM, two properties. The Opawica Gold Property two km from Shortt Lake Gold Mine and the Troilus-South Property (copper and zinc) near the Troilus Mine (Gold and copper). Following varied exploration expenses, Graniz acquired 100% of Opawica and 50% of Troilus-South.

After the drop of the price of gold and the drop base metal prices, the management of Graniz kept the properties in good standing and decided to wait for the eventual rise of the prices of the commodities. New highs of the price of gold and the price of copper could bring the revival of the two properties. In 2005, begins a long period of research for potential projects. It’s only in may 2012 that Graniz uncovers a project answering the ambitions of Graniz’s main shareholders.

However, in 2012, a business opportunity allows Graniz acquire an option on the graphite deposit Brunet in Mont-Laurier. Thus, a $ 600,000 funding is needed to confirm and expand the reserves of this deposit high quality graphite located 45 km from the producer TIMCAL IMERYS.

A successful 2013 drilling program could change the destiny of Graniz Mondal and give value to the shareholders.

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